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There is more to food than just eating +rants

When we think. of food or at least when I used to when I started to make it the only thing I thought was to make food to survive the day and eat it. I remember just trying to learn a couple of dishes at first. Daals were easy for me to get right since it’s usually just a one pressure cooker dish, vegetables were hard but I got the hang of it. It was all about temperature- I thought back then. Though it is true the more I read these days the more I come to the conclusion that cooking is the basis of what makes us human. Now it seems incredibly pretentious of me but it really is right? Cooking is what makes us different form animals as well as communicating. Without those things we might as could have been merry chimpanzees and would have never colonised the planet. Earth probably would have been a better place.

I’m not sure what to do with this blog space, it started out with me just writing about food books I’m reading but for these past few months I have attended too many food workshops, lectures and have read way too many books to write about everything I am studying. Then it progressed onto writing recipes something I have been trying to get a hold on. But there must be more to food than just recipe writing and the knowledge I have. Today I attended a lecture on food writing which made me think about what I should be doing with this space and knowledge. Of course there is more to be researched in fact I think of 10 things on the top of my head that I want discover and read more of.

So many cultures have been created on the basis of food, politics that have laid foundations of our country because of certain food policies from other countries. Not to mention certain political parties and propaganda and taking our mythology out of context for their own political gain. With current farmer protests towards the three bills passed, here I am writing and giving a recipe about Garhwali food or even worse how to make sourdough pizza. I did the same when the lockdown was happening and all labourers were suffering and starving.

What is my role in all of this? Where do I fit in? What can I do?

I’m sorry for this rant. It just seems like extreme leftist Instagram bullshit I see all the time. I’m not going to be sharing this shit on Instagram and be like oh lets save the farmers y’all. What are my few followers going to do. They’ll make themselves aware- great and sit on this while eating potatoes that the majority of the country will not be able to afford. Let’s face the truth nobody really cares till it affects them personally. I’ll write this and forget and live on because I have sufficient money to live on. If I really cared I’d probably go and do something about it than write this.

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