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Raw Mango Arhar Daal

When I started living alone, I realised that I had complete autonomy over food. Gosh, that sense of power is unreal. I could literally eat/cook whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to and there was nobody to tell me what to eat or how to eat. I didn’t have to eat apples because my mom was shoving it down my throat, I didn’t have follow the routing of rice during lunch and rotis for dinner and most importantly I had control over the consistency of my daal.

Since I’ve been a child, I’ve been seeing my mom struggle to keep peace between my brother and me vs my dad over daal. My dad likes any daal to be the consistency of almost soup. My brother and I are always on the side of the thicker the better.  It’s just nicer! I can dip it in my roti without it spilling over and honestly rice+thick daal consistency is the only way to go, the taste is more concentrated and it’s a perfect bomb of a gulp (plus with a little dip of dahi, YUM!)

I also didn’t have to eat it with the strict combination! It might be a little weird and I think I might be the only person who does this. But I love my daal alone. With just absolutely nothing but dahi. Daal dahi is my combination. I might be killed over this but daal chawal is a bit over rated in my head, I’ve always felt that the rice takes away the flavour somehow and roti over powers the flavour too much. If you’re ever eating with me, you’ll always notice me leaving an entire big bowl of daal left till the very end of the meal. That’s the time you’ll see me relishing my daal filled spoon with bits of dahi.

And so when my neighbours (same neighbours from The case of the mysterious Citric) sent in a batch of raw mangoes from their farm. You know what I did.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-09 at 16.51.35-2

It’s a bit of a downer but the thing I talk about (on the internet) and photograph the least is the thing I love the most. There is literally nothing I love the most in the world to eat but daal. I guess I barely photography it because I’m too busy eating it.

Raw Mango Arhar Daal


100g Arhar

50g Malka

2 tbsp oil

5g cumin seeds

1 pinch hing

14g ( ½ medium) onion chopped in squares

7 cloves garlic sliced

2 chilies (4g) chopped in circles

32 g (1) tomato

3g ginger (1/2 inch)

4 raw mango seeds

5 gram coriander powder

3 gram turmeric powder

3 gram red chilli powder

10g salt

850g water


  1. Soak your daal in water for around 30 minutes

  2. Take a pressure cooker, and head it in high heat.

  3. Pour in oil, when your oil is hot add in the cumin seeds and a punch of hing

  4. When your seeds crackle, add your chopped onion and garlic fry till it pink.

  5. Add in your chopped tomatoes and chilli, ginger mix it till it is mushy and you can see the oil come out

  6. Add 10 grams of water and let it rest in medium flame for 3 mintues, stir it occasionally to make sure it doesn’t burn.

  7. Now add mango seeds

  8. Add in your daal

  9. Add water

  10. Pressure cook for 15 mintues (3 whistles). Let it rest.

  11. Eat with cold dahi 🙂

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