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Ramen Style Pork Belly

This is by far and the best pork belly I have made in my life. I only started cooking with pork a year ago- I’ve never been much of a meat person in general. I would change and convert to be a vegetarian if I could- but health issues like low haemoglobin is something that keeps happening to me from time to time.

A year ago, I made my first and possibly the last Tonkotusu ramen. I say last because I don’t think how possible it will be for me to make this ever again without spending all of my gas again. The pork simmered in low heat for over 14 hours and I swear I could smell the waft of the pork bones and fresh spring onions and ginger in my dreams for the next five days. I couldn’t make a typical chashu because I had gotten cut pieces of the pork belly so I adapted and made this delicious recipe instead.

Pork Belly Recipe


100 gram pork belly 20 ml soya sauce 50 ml water 1 tbs vinegar One spring onion chopped 4 garlic minced 2inch knob garlic


Put all the ingredients in the pan and cover it.

Let is simmer for 30 minutes on low heat.

Serve with a bowl of noodles or rice. Protip: Don’t move the pork. By this I mean don’t stir it. Don’t poke it. Don’t slide it off the pan. Just move away from the kitchen for 30 minutes and only take it out of the pan to eat. The pork is best when it stays on one side and lets the fat simmer in itself.

You could also put it in the oven for the little crisp for 10 minutes in 180 degrees Celsius.

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