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Persian Lime Tart

Following up from the last post on the mysterious lime sent by my neighbours from their garden -I made some kick-ass tart. Though, it was inspired by a key-lime pie-it ended up being something completely different because I used Persian lime instead of key lime- which is seedless and I cannot tell you how much juice came out of that thing (actually 50 ml- I measured it because I recently bought a kitchen scale to be extra.) I was going to make some homemade biscuits from scratch but it turns out my mother had some stale store bought biscuits we had to finish and I also had first test batch cookies in the freezer from fudge filled chocolate cookie  recipe. You don’t have to use these biscuits in general. You can use whatever you can get your hands on.

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Ingredients for the base:

6 Fudge filled Chocolate cookies (you can use Oreos or whatever)

1 and a half packet of Mothers Magic biscuits

50 grams melted butter


Preheat the oven to 180C.

  1. Add the chocolate cookies into the food processor and pulse it till you see crumb.

  2. Add in 25g of melted butter. Mix till its well combined. Remove it and add into a 9inch cake pan (with parchment paper below). Press it against the pan till it is firm.

  3. Repeat step 2 and 3 with Mothers Magic Biscuits and place the mixture on top of the cookie mixture. Press it on top of the first mixture.

  4. Put in the oven for exactly 10 minutes and start with your lime filling.

Ingredients for the lime filling:

Zest of one lime

4 egg yolks

10 tablespoons of condensed milk

100ml of fresh lime juice


While the crust is baking, separate your yolks and add in the zest. Now take an electric beater and whip it on medium for a good five minutes. Your mixture should be creamy and fluffy by now.

  1. Add in the condensed milk and mix on medium for three minutes.

  2. Pour in the lime juice and mix it for a minute on low.

  3. If 10 minutes have passed and your crust is higher and a little brown. Take it out and pour in your lime mixture. Jiggle it out and try to even it out with a spoon.

  4. Bake at 180C for 10 minutes in the oven.

  5. There will be some tiny holes and the pie will jiggle when its done baking.

  6. Leave it on the counter for 20 minutes. Now put it in the fridge overnight.

  7. Add some whipped cream or just eat it 😀

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