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A simple Apple Pie

It’s been seven months since I have been living in Dehradun. I actually have to use to fingers and count from March till October. It’s gone by so fast sometimes I think if I look back years from now- what will I remember?

Right now I think of all the memories, opportunities, work experience and time I have wasted. I didn’t imagine that being 24 years old would mean living with my parents all over again. Not that, that is a bad thing, I think the best thing about this lockdown has been the fact that I have gone back and spend time with them. I had been worried that I didn’t do it enough earlier, considering I properly haven’t met them for the past six years.

Looking back in these few months, I think I’ll remember my kitchen the most. After exercising every morning its the first place I go to to make lunch, I spend some time doing other work on my laptop facing the kitchen, by 3, I’m itching to practice baking. I’m mostly done by 5 and then I’m back to sitting in my usual spot and then again in the kitchen from 7 to make dinner and back to the same spot. It’s not like there aren’t other places in the house, my room is just used for sleeping, the living room is basically always unoccupied, the TV room is filled with useless channels that I wish to not annoy myself with. Maybe the occasionally walks I take outside in the neighbourhood. My neighbourhood and it’s absolutely stunning range of vegetables, flowers and greenery. Honestly, I feel a little blessed to have finally have a house to go back to in such a beautiful place. If corona had happened just a year ago, there would be no house, no Dehradun, just me living alone in my apartment. Life is not bad.

It was so sunny yesterday that even through period cramps I decided I wanted to make something. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like eating as much as I love making food. I didn’t crave apple pie at all. But there was something about the lighting on top of the oven and the warmth that surrounded the kitchen reminded me of watching Dexters Lab as a kid. I have a vague memory of an episode in which his mom made some fresh baked pie and put it near the window. I’ve always wanted to do that.


For the crust for a 8 inch pan

250g flour

125g unsalted butter

2 tbsp sugar

1 pinch salt

2-3 tbsp of ice cold water

For the filling

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp flour

20 ml water

25g sugar

2 Apples, peeled and sliced


For the crust:

  1. Take flour, sugar, salt and mix in a bowl.

  2. Add cold butter into 1 tbsp sizes and mix it with your hands till it is flakey.

  3. Slowly drizzle the ice water and knead 2-3 times so it comes together together. Flatten it into a 1 inch thick-disk and cover it in a plastic wrap. Place in the fridge for an hour.

For the Filling:

  1. Melt the butter into a medium saucepan over medium heat. Whisk 2 tbsp flour then simmer for 1 minute, whisk and add water, sugar and bring it to a boil while whisking.

  2. Peel, remove cores and slice 2 apples and place them in a bowl. Add the sauce on top of it and add cinnamon powder on top.


  1. Preheat the oven for 180C for 20 minutes

  2. Sprinkle your work surface with flour and roll out bottom pie crust to a 10 inch circle on top of a 8 inch pie plate or tart pan. Add the apple mixture on top of the crust. Leave the edges hanging from the sides.

  3. Roll a second crust into a 10 inch circle and cut it into 10 even strips.

  4. Now arrange 5 strips into a woven lattice pattern, you can check out this gif reference to understand

Satisfying pie GIF on GIFER - by Purebeard
  1. Beat together 1 egg, powder sugar and cinnamon and brush the top with the egg mixture.

  2. Bake at 150C 45 minutes till the apples are soft and the filling is bubbling.

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